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The mission of the Redcoat Band Alumni Association (RBAA) is to actively assist, enthusiastically support, and aggressively promote the University of Georgia Redcoat Band programs and The University of Georgia through all reasonable and appropriate means. To accomplish these purposes, the Association shall vigorously pursue the following objectives:



Homecoming will be the Vanderbilt game, Saturday, Oct 4, 2014.

Please note: Game tickets in the Redcoat Band Alumni Association's block may only be purchased through this registration site from May 15th to June 30th. After that date, you will have to purchase game tickets elsewhere. Please visit the Homecoming Details link below for important registraion deadlines that will apply to you.

See you on October 4th....Once a Dawg, Always A Dawg ... and Forever a Redcoat!

FAQsRedcoat Alumni Registration - Link Here (deadlines 8/1 and 9/15)

FAQsAll the Homecoming Details - Link Here



We Had a Historic 2013 Homecoming!

We celebrated the 40th Anniversary of the Alumni Band with the biggest showing ever on the field!

967 Redcoats and Redcoat Alumni performed in Sanford Stadium!

Homecoming 2013


Dave Helwig Print PeakSpecial Redcoat Holiday Gift - "Battle Hymn" Print!

Receive a signed and numbered print for a $28 donation to the Redcoat Scholarship Program

Donate Online: "Ship Direct" to your address for $7.